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Slice 114 of 365

Everyday when I post the blog it automatically posts to Facebook and Twitter as well. I think most of my readers are from Facebook, all 12 of them. 

I mentioned to my son yesterday that he hadn’t liked one of the Facebook/blog posts in a while. His response was that he hadn’t felt the information in the blogs warranted liking. Not because it wasn’t good but because it wasn’t always happy content. 

I understood that point and have felt that way about liking or not liking posts in the past. Somebody posts good news and of course you click like immediately. 

Somebody posts bad news and you don’t want to click like but you don’t want to add to the list of lengthy comments already posted. I click like just to acknowledge I’ve seen the post and am thinking about them but it still seems the odd choice. 

So what we need are more Facebook button options. I’ve seen these arguments before, and yes, absolutely first world problem, but I thought it might be fun to come up with my own. 

Dislike – I, and many people, have felt the need for this option for some time. It is absolutely appropriate at times but I do have fears of it being misused. 

Acknowledged – clean and simple, yep I saw the post and have no real opinion except to say I saw it. 

Hugs – self explanatory. 

Thinking of you – self explanatory again. 

I’m sorry – when you don’t know what to say this always works. 

Love – better than like. I’ve wanted to use this so many times. 

Are you drunk? – probably true more often than not. 

Taken your meds today? – I’ve wanted to ask this so many times.

And lastly. 

WTF! – this covers basically everything. 

So, dear Facebook, if you could implement these new buttons choices ASAP and keep me in the loop because I’m sure I will have more. 

Until tomorrow…