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Slice 113 of 365

So lucky to have my house listed in this digital age (when I bought my first house you still had to look through those huge books), it makes rejection and judgment so much faster, direct and not at all subtle. 

After each time the house is shown, which has only been a few times, I’m lucky enough to get an e-mail with feedback from the showing realtor. No fuss, no muss, no face to face. 

Thus far, none of it has been good. Clean up the clutter, clean up the outside, needs too much work, blah, blah, blah. The expectations of the American Dream house are just to effing over the top to align with reality even a little bit any more. Who needs that brutality? I’m doing the best I can with the energy and resources I have. 

I had to tell that story to tell this one. 

Trying to clean up the outside of the house today I went out to see if I had to put the battery charger on the lawn mower. Lo and behold it actually started almost immediately. 

That almost never happens. 

Every year it takes me several hours and possibly a call to the lawn mower guy (whose name is ironically, Guy) before I get it running so I felt very lucky and finally a little ahead of the game now. 

I grabbed my gas can and went off to fill it at Circle K. Came back, topped off the mover, filled the tires and went off on my task. 

I got the front of the house done, by the street, ya know, for curb appeal. Then down the one fence line by the neighbor that seemed higher for some reason. I went to engage the blade for a second pass and nothing. I tried it again and still nothing. 

I shut it down and got on the ground to check it out. The drive belt for the blades came off one of the pulleys. I played with it and got it back on and went on my way. Got a few more passes done and it stopped working again. This time I couldn’t get it back on. The belt seemed stretched too much or I was missing an adjustment somewhere. 

So my question to the universe is, WTF?? 

You gave me a running mower for once and I was so pleased that I’d be able to get the yard cleaned up tomorrow and maybe take some pressure off from the judgmental assholes and then you break it down in another way?

Guy isn’t open until Monday now, I hope he’s not already busy. 

Not cool, universe, not cool at all. 

Until tomorrow