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Slice 111 of 365

Almost two weeks ago I returned my cable box to the cable company and cancelled the TV service. It was a Friday when I did this so I wondered if maybe I would still have TV over the weekend and the answer was yes.

Actually the answer is still yes, I still have TV service. 

I even called them to verify that I had made the cancellation. I did not however, tell them I still had service. I did what I was supposed to as told to me by the cable company. Now my son thinks maybe it will stay until the billing cycle ends, I think they will just pro rate it as of the cancellation date. 

So my moral dilemma, am I stealing?

I’m getting something without paying for it even if I did follow their procedures. Plus I spoke with them to make sure I did the right thing and didn’t mention that I still had TV. 

I checked the definition of steal and they all use the word take which I’m not doing. The service is being given, I am in no way, plus I wouldn’t know how, taking the service. 

I assumed they could turn it off from the main office when I returned the box. Perhaps that isn’t the case, maybe they do need to send a truck out and it’s a lower priority to turn off service than turn on. Maybe it will just get turned off when there is a truck in the area for another reason. 

Ok, so maybe I’m not stealing but the ethical conundrum still remains, is it wrong

Definitely a first world problem but for me it goes deeper, right vs. wrong is not always as black and white as I would like. There’s lots of gray out there. 

I feel like this is a test and I’m failing

Until tomorrow…