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Slice 109 of 365

We have had a very mild winter and nature has been showing signs of rebirth for weeks before spring officially hit the calendar. Allergy sufferers have been hard hit earlier than usual. The spring winds here are very vocal and golden pollen rides the air waves to every possible place.

This Equinox holds a very special color that I like to call spring green. It’s the color of new growth on all the plants. Its varying shades, depending on the plant, from light to dark but the newness is universal and the colors become one. 

The tender growth of the leaves on my rose bushes amazes me every year. Mostly because I don’t take very good care of them. They were here when we moved in so I imagine their roots are pretty deep in their desert home. They reward me with beautiful blooms no matter what I do. 

The new buds on the trees and the pop of the spring flowers stop my heart every day when I see them. And every day the growth and greenness is different. It’s like watching a child grow but the same cycle happens year after year.

My house plants have growth all year long and there are new buds and new greens but it’s not quite the same. There is definitely a spike in growth for them in the spring. 

They know

The light changes, the temperature changes and the spring green hits them just like outdoors. 

Spring green should be a paint. Where it is ever changing and comes back every year. 

It’s not easy being green, but it sure does renew one’s spirit. 

Until tomorrow…