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Slice 105 of 365

Just some silly fun today after a bad work day. Picture it, Sicily, 1923. Points for the reference! Picture it, you just finished a nice Chinese dinner at the restaurant or at home. What comes next? Why the fortune cookies of course. 

My daughter has a pet peeve with fortune cookies because she says they’re not fortunes, they’re proverbs or sayings. She’s very emphatic about it, but then again she is about lots of other things as well. Sometime I’ll write about the McDonald’s incident

I proposed to Lisa in a fortune cookie. Funny thing was our regular place was closed that day, Christmas Eve, and I had to run around finding a new place. It took over an hour, she thought I got lost. 

I googled unfortunate fortune cookies and there were lots of hits but I decided I wanted to write my own so here we go. 

Homegrown locally, run over even closer. 

Nobody washed their hands today. 

You’ll never hit the lottery just leave us the extra dollar. 

Cat, it’s the other, other white meat. 

Yep, you should have ordered a pizza.

Got pepto?

He’s not right for you, say no. 

That job interview, yeah not so much. 

Check her internet history, really…

You’re dog did not got to a farm. 

There is no such thing as an ice cream diet. 

And last but not least,

Hope you have extra toilet paper.

Until tomorrow…