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Slice 104 of 365

I don’t mean the card game (well sort of actually but that’s for later), I mean the number 21. My younger son is 21 years old today. Somehow without my permission I am suddenly the father of two legally adult children. I guess it wasn’t very sudden, after all, it did take 21 seconds, I mean years to happen. That still doesn’t make it any more acceptable.

He’s got the world at his feet. Tonight I will take him for his first drink which will be at the casino and then we can play some blackjack, told ya that was for later. Maybe slots to stretch the lack of cash. He wants scotch on the rocks with a twist. Bonus point to whoever knows the reference.

I’m not sure I can remember what I did on my 21st birthday. I know I didn’t have to wait until that age to drink alcohol though. Jersey was 21 at the point when I turned 18 I think but NY wasn’t. I can’t remember if it was 18 or 19 there. Whichever it was I was grandfathered in less than a month before it changed. it didn’t really matter anyway I wasn’t a big drinker, I’m still not, but it was the fact that I was now allowed to drink that was the important fact and upstate NY was just across the border.

It’s funny, I have clothes that are literally older than he is. Things I still wear that I bought when his brother was a baby and some even before that. I moved out not long after I turned 21 and worked a full-time job and two part-time jobs to survive. I’m so glad the boys both have degrees. There will be struggles but it should still be a smoother ride.

It’s hard to get a handle on this feeling because there are too many other things going on right now, including him leaving, which I just wont talk about.

At least there’s one child left.

Seven more seconds, I mean years until my last one is an actual legal adult.

I can wait.

Until tomorrow…