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Slice 103 of 365

As I went to sleep last night I told myself I made it through another Monday. I thought about that for a few seconds and it seemed almost sad to have to make it through a day. Seems the norm these days, then I wondered how many Mondays I’d actually made it through, so I did the math. 

I have survived 2,563 Mondays, give or take. Which also means I’m 2,563 weeks old. George Carlin used to do a bit on using months as babies ages saying, “Didn’t parents get a month to year conversion chart at their house?” I couldn’t find a video. 

I decided to continue the math.  I’ve lived approximately 431,760 hours, assuming 8 hours sleep a night for an average that would be 1/3 of a day so I’ve spent approximately 143,920 hours of my life sleeping. 

Too bad I can’t figure out an average day dreaming rate. 

Using an average of 70 beats per minute my heart has beaten 1.808453e+9 times in my lifetime so far. I’m not sure but wearing it on my sleeve and having it broken may make that number inaccurate. 

I stopped pleasure reading in high school for a while and started again after so I’m counting from when I was 18, an average of a book a month, give or take, says I’ve read 372 books in my adult lifetime. That’s not counting textbooks, graphics novels, poetry or how to books. Plus James Michener books are long. 

Now novels are about 80,000 words average which gives me about 30,000,000 words read, which is just under a million words per year. Becca’s school has a million word reading challenge every year and there are kids who regularly read over 5,000,000 words per year.  

I’ve been working full time since I was 18 which translates to approximately 64,480 hours. Salary would be difficult to figure since there’s no constant for it. 

I think I need to concentrate more on vacation time in the future. I could count that in minutes.

Until 86,400 seconds…