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Slice 102 of 365

So my friend Dena, who is also a writer, keeps inflating my ego telling me how much she likes my writing. She read my one finished manuscript, Jersey Justice (unedited, 1st chapter), and said she loved it. Of course it makes me feel good when anybody says that but being a writer I hold her opinions a bit higher. Friends and family who say that are just too close and biased plus their comments are more generic.

Now Dena and I are friends but her opinions are from a writer’s creative point of view but also from a business and marketing point of view. She is always thinking about how to market and sell her project which is more than I’ve ever thought about. My one book out there now, A Thousand Kisses, I kind of threw it out there just to see what would happen and how the whole process worked.

Also her critiques are more specific which is much more helpful than the vague, “I liked it,” which is often all I hear.  She laughs in all the right places, she tells me specific lines that she likes and the best compliment she pays me is when she says, “I’m stealing that line.”

Her biggest complaint is my lack of proofreading ability. Which is mostly why I haven’t put it up on Kindle yet. She gave me a guide book (The Elements of Style) and wrote out a page of my most common errors (which apparently are comma placement and capitals within dialog) and is pushing me to edit it and get it up on Amazon. And to start a sequel so that when readers love it they have another book to buy right away. I think she’s more excited about the prospects than me.

She thinks it’s marketable as a movie as well which my boys have said too. Their critiques are different from Dena’s, a bit more direct and scholastic since they’ve studied it.

A comedians greatest accomplishment is getting other comedians, especially the greats, to laugh. When I get the boys to say good things about my writing, I feel good.

I think they’re a little tougher on me, one, because they’re my kids, and two, it’s a generational thing. Our view on comedy and entertainment vary wildly while Dena and I are closer in age and remember TV and movies that younger viewers don’t usually appreciate.

I don’t exactly have a timeline but I’m going to commit to editing that project now and getting it out there and hopefully noticed. Maybe the catalyst of everything in my life that’s happening so fast and furious right now will be this book amounting to something.

We’ll see where it goes, stranger things have happened. Not to me of course but I hear they happen to other people but honestly I’m not entirely sure.  They may be exaggerating.

Until tomorrow…