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Slice 101 of 365

Yesterday I helped chaperone a marching band trip to a St. Patrick’s Day parade in Sedona.

I was asked last minute, just the day before, and really had no concrete plans so I figured what the heck. Plus Becca didn’t seem completely horrified by the thought of my embarrassingly parental self being present, so that was helpful.
It’s almost unsettling the amount of feelings and memories that this little adventure brought back into my head. It was a very Jack and Diane day.

The usual chaos ensued before boarding the bus which was pretty amusing to watch. The bus ride was amazingly quiet. I remember it being loud and rowdy as hell with our band. We were also bigger, requiring two buses.  It was pointed out to me later that we didn’t have the electronics they have now either so I guess that accounts for some of the quiet. Personally I think they were just better behaved kids, shh, don’t tell my friends…

Actually they’d probably agree. I’m still in contact with many of them via Facebook. I was posting throughout the day yesterday and they were all chiming in. So, so many great people who it was my ultimate privilege to perform with. The memories, good, bad or indifferent will never be forgotten.  Even down to my lest senile day on this earth.

Yes, yes, yes, of course the senility has already started, duh…

The kids did a great job. They mark time differently, basically leaving their feet on the ground and just lifting their heels. That felt weird to me. Also no sheet music, they were memorized which I give them huge kudos for.

I have to give great credit to my high school band directors, Joe Zajac and Charlie Stelengworth. The things we put them through. I think they secretly enjoyed it though. It brings to mind Mr. Holland’s Opus. I thought of them both immediately the first time I saw it and I’d like to think I would do whatever I could to make it back for their retirements.

They were both there for me at times they don’t even realize and provided a support, not just to me, that only they could provide.

And for that they have my utmost gratitude and respect.

Until tomorrow…