Slice 100 of 365

100 days in a row. That’s over three months and one quarter of my self-imposed challenge completed.

I don’t pat myself on the back much but yay me!

Weird, but 265 more days now sounds like so much time but only 265 more days until I turn 50 as well, that seems short. It’s not even so much about the time as it is 265 more subjects to write about, whether serious or absurd. I think not duplicating subjects is the biggest challenge at this point. Or at least not in the same manner. The same subjects will come up just in different ways. I’ll keep putting my thinking cap on and see what turns out when I get turned loose.

TV shows reaching 100 episodes is a pretty big deal.

Reaching the age of 100 is a great accomplishment.

Scoring 100 on a test is usually a perfect score.

And apparently my birthday is 100 days from pi day.

Hitting triple digits seems significant for some reason. When you’re a kid and finally hit 10 years old it’s like this amazing thing that there is now more than one digit in your age,

it’s magic.

Time is magic.

Or is time magical?

100 is a nice round number, maybe I should stop here.


Until tomorrow…