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Slice 97 of 365

When Mike was a teenager, maybe even a tween, he read a book called Holes and really enjoyed it. I remember him telling me about it. I think since then all three kids have read it. They turned it into a movie which I know all three of them like and that’s hard to do with any movie or tv show.

The book and movie aren’t all that important to my subject it was just a nice segue to holes, yes, actual holes.

Ever been down a hole? It gets pretty dark. It doesn’t need to be a physical hole. It could be though. 

When I was in high school a group of us were out at a friend’s place out on Long Island. Karen Muldowney and I dug a hole on the beach for a fire pit. It was too windy for a fire but we ended up sitting in the hole, because we were sheltered from the wind, and watched a full moon rise and float across Long Island Sound for several hours. It seemed gigantic. We barley said a word, just sat and watched until we were tired. The things and people you remember…

So that was my actual hole experience. Thinking about it though I just now I came up with three more hole stories. Pretty funny since I had this post going in a completely different direction which I’ll eventually get to. 

We were camping in the Adirondacks not long after my mom had gotten her drivers license. She didn’t learn to drive until we moved to Jersey out of neccesity. I was probably five or six years old. There had been a terrible thunderstormstorm one night before we left and an enormous pine tree had fallen in the next camp site, literally brushing the side of their tent, leaving a gaping hole in the ground where it had been rooted just the day before. 

On the day we were leaving my dad had my mom in the car trying to teach her how to back up to the trailer. After countless tries and fails (and a ton of yelling…) he told her to just pull up and he would do it. Ok now you finish the story. Yep, you’re right. She pulled right into the hole from the fallen tree. I can still hear the screaming. We ended up spending one more night and did not have a broken axel the next day when the car was pulled out. 

<pWhen I was a little older my dad was mowing the backyard on his riding mower. He got stuck in what he thought was some mud and was shifting back and forth between gears and rocking trying to get himself out. Before he knew it he was sinking into the ground. He'd accidentally discovered an old cesspool. Fortunately it had a concrete cover so he and the mower didn't go very far. 

This last story is a hole in the house. My father almost always had part of our house torn apart making improvements. This time it was the bathroom. Part of the floor around the toilet was torn up and there was nothing covering it. 

Not exactly safety conscious my dad. 

It was a Sunday night and I was watching a James Bond movie with my mom on the ABC Sunday night movie. We were watching in my room because my dad had commandeered their TV for something else. I went to the bathroom on a commercial and boom, stepped right in the hole and was up to my thigh in floor. Nobody heard anything and I didn’t want to speak up because I knew I’d be in trouble. I was a little scratched up but kept it to myself because I knew I was in hot water when my dad discovered the bent and broken heating ducts I’d just accidentally demolished. It took a few days but I can still hear that yelling as well.

This is longer than I thought it was going to be and I think I may make this my very first, who knows maybe my only, two-part entry

One last note. I’m pretty sure I remember my brother in the attic one day, which around the eaves had no floor boards, stepping between the floor joists and going through the plaster ceiling and lath. I have a very vivid memory of his leg dangling through the ceiling above the top landing of the stairs. 

I remember being glad it wasn’t me. 

Until tomorrow…