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Slice 96 of 365

I like pictures hanging on my walls and when I say pictures I mean photographs. Most of them are of my kids but there are some of other friends or family. 

It all started with Lisa. I’d had snapshots in albums before meeting her but I didn’t have framed prints on my walls. She liked pictures and every time she had them developed, yes it was pre-digital photography kiddies, she got a coupon for a free 5×7 and the occasional 8×10. 

We each had our own cameras and pictures when we got together. Mine was a Kodac automatic my mother had given me for my 18th birthday. 

So she started bringing my pictures to get developed as well as hers and we doubled our enlargement count. Over the years add to that kid’s school pictures, snapshot size frames and collages and the walls fill pretty quickly. 

It would be easy now to pack the photos on the walls. Easy as in physical, not mentaly. They’re not necessary and it would make the house look less cluttered. I did pack away some of the freestanding ones along with just other living room stuff

I have lots of kids pictures in the bedroom which I’ve read, for romantic reasons, you’re not supposed to do but oh well. Hasn’t seemed to affect (effect? I never get it right) anything that I can tell. 

The pictures will be the last thing to be taken down and packed and will definitely be one of the first things put back up. If I can arrange some kind of small overlap all the photos will be hung before we’re even sleeping in the new place yet. 

But as usual I digress and get ahead of myself. 

First the house has to burn down, um, I mean sell

Good thing I replaced the batteries in the smoke detectors. 

Until tomorrow…