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Slice 94 of 365

Been having a hell of pity party the last two days including junkfoodaplooza.

First world problems.

The number six billion keeps popping into my. That’s approximately how many people on the planet are worse off than me. And not just a little bit worse off, a lot worse off. 

Very little food, if any. A shack to keep the weather off their heads If they’re lucky. No access to clean water or medical facilities. Poverty and war on a regular basis and I have a mini meltdown because my car stopped working. A vehicle more than 15 years old and still worth more than most of that six billion will earn in a year. 


Six billion.

I think about the six billion a lot but this weekend it sunk in more.

It’s just a car. Some how it will get fixed. Somehow everything will even out and the road will become level again. For a while at least

Too many people though, far too many, will never have that level road. For them the journey is constantly fighting up the mountain until they hit the cliff and have no choice but to jump. And it’s not exactly a leap of faith. 

Six billion.

Time for the party to be over. 

Until tomorrow…