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Slice 92 of 365

Not much need to think about what to write today. Some days material just presents itself like a pie in the face, which, by the way, would have been more enjoyable. 

Today was suppose to be my first day as an art model at the college. Suppose being the key word because it didn’t work out that way. 

I did the responsible thing, like I always do, and left at a proper time with a little to spare just in case.

About halfway there the highway was closed and traffic was being diverted. I took the detour and called the art director at the college, informed her of the situation and that I would most likely be late. She told me not to worry about it. 

I was already going in slightly nervous and apprehensive but she was cool with it and I tried to take it easy. That is until about two miles down the road when my radio stopped working. At first I thought it was just the station being floopy so I tired a couple of other stations and nothing. 

Then I noticed my digital dashboard displays were out. 

That previous take it easy feeling ran away screaming and was replaced, remarkably quickly, with panic and fear

It was at this point, in retrospect, that I should have pulled over but I was too focused on getting to a job, even as small as it was. Besides it would be better to get to the college parking lot and die there was my rationale at the time. 

I made it a few more miles before the car stalled. I thought at first that maybe the power steering had just gone out but the brakes were sluggish too. I came to a full stop, put it in park and tried to start it. 

There was nothing but that dreaded, click, click, click

At this point I literally banged my head against the steering wheel several times. It did not dull the pain. 

I put the hazards on not knowing if they would work and picked up my phone to call AAA right away because my location was not good and falling apart right there would have just added to the sadness of it all. 

I was in the turning lane of a four lane, reasonably large, and busy road. I was also directly in front of the hospital entrance. They said they’d mark me as a priority. 

My windows were not working so I kept having to open the door to wave people around. People, who by the way, were angry assholes. 

I called my son to pick me up at the mechanic and then I called the college again to tell her what happened. Fortunately it was just an open lab and she said nobody was there at the moment. 

AAA was there within ten minutes fortunately and the other drivers were very rude to him as well. The driver thinks it might just be the alternator. I hope he’s right.

All said and done I got back home and did not have my first art modeling experience today.  I am home alone, just ordered a pizza because I just don’t give a damn about Mr. Scale right now and there is a fresh bottle of wine on the counter.

So the rest of my night is set then.

I do have one question for the universe though?

What the fuck???

Until tomorrow…