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Slice 90 of 365

I’ve started packing some unnecessary things like books, CDs, and extra linens, etc. I won’t pack all the books, a few at least are necessities of course. I keep all my books, read and unread alike. While packing them up today I made the very painful decision to donate my read books. 

This is where it starts, the paring down.  

The getting rid of things. 

The dumping of stuff. 

The throwing out of history. 

The reeling in of sentimentality, for the second time. 

To simplify, or not to simplify, that is the question.

And the answer is yes

I dislike packing. I’ve always told my kids to say dislike instead of hate even though I really want to say I hate packing. “What really is important?” I ask myself as I go through things. Why is it important? 

That’s the point where simplify goes out the window unfortunately. 

George Carlin has a great bit on stuff. He says your house is just a place for your stuff. Then you go on vacation to a friends in Hawaii you take just some of your stuff. Then you go to one of the smaller islands and you take even less of your stuff. 

I came here with way less stuff, accumulated more stuff and am going away with less again. 

The stuff stops here! 

No more than what I need and no flirting with that line anymore.  

Ok maybe a little flirting, I mean that is fun but no more major love affairs with stuff. 

I’ll end on one more cliche saying where I insert the word stuff.

Stuff happens

Until tomorrow…