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Slice 84 of 365

The loss of the world (Internet down) yesterday made me think about what we have lost with technological advancement over the years. 

The first thing is obviously manual customer service. So many places couldn’t function without the internet it’s almost laughable. Funny that I say that because anytime I see a place that takes cash only (and for a tourist town we have more than you’d think) I shake my head and keep walking if possible. There’s no excuse for it these days I tell myself but necessity dictates and yesterday it was necessary for those old ways to break free and return. 

Another thing we’ve lost is penmanship. Hardly anybody writes any more. And it’s not even penmanship it’s the art of writing and even using snail mail to transport that archaic written word. E-mail and texting is just not the same as a lovely cursive on good stationary from your grandmother that your mother has to translate. I wonder if pen and pencil sales have suffered? The post office has definitely suffered. 

Human contact has gone by the wayside even when we are together. People at the same table all on their own devices talking (loose use of the word…) to other people and yes, absolutely guilty myself. The first thing I do in the morning upon waking up is check in with the world to see what’s going on. 

Reading is different. We haven’t lost books yet, not sure if we ever will but the market is drastically different. It’s harder to find a book store to go sit in and browse and relax. I don’t have any supporting data but library usage must be down too. All my kids had library cards. I used to walk to the library at least once a week when I was a kid that was with trips to the school library as well. I don’t like reading books on my iPad, it is just not the same. The smell of the book, the turning of the pages, placing my bookmark and carrying it with me. Plus my book never runs out of power. 

I’m barely scratching the surface here, partly for lack of time, partly for lack of brain power and partly for lack of sleep. 

What else do you think we’ve lost? I’ll leave it to you as I turn in for the night. 

Until tomorrow…