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Slice 83 of 365

Northern Arizona had no internet, phone and loss of a good portion of cell service for about six hours today. I was forcibly unplugged. The cable TV still worked though, go figure. 

Fortunately the little work I actually had was finished so that wasn’t an issue. I couldn’t browse jobs or apply for any, I couldn’t post more things for sale, I couldn’t get more work if there was any, what to do?

I cleaned the pellet stove and repaired my jean jacket (my dad’s actually) which I had been planning on doing since last fall. The sewing machine has been finicky so I did it by hand which took longer. By the time I finished that it was time to pick up Becca, still disconnected from the world at that point.

She told me there were problems in school because of it, even the internal phone system didn’t function. It was cash only at the grocery store and I heard the bank actually locked their doors. 

And this is only the few things I heard about and/or experienced and it was only communication, we still had power. 

I didn’t leave the house during the outage but I have images in my head of frustrated, upset people not being able to get food or money, probably gas too. Imagine that for days, weeks or even months, complete chaos would ensue and the weak would be eaten alive. 

I’m not a survivalist by any means but we are grossly ill prepared to relive the lives of our forefathers if we were forced to. 

Something I think I just prefer not to think about, therein may lie the problem. 

Until tomorrow…