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Slice 82 of 365

Harkin’s theater plays classic movies on Tuesday nights, classic being up for debate on occasion. Tonight it’s The Princess Bride. Becca has not seen it yet and Joey claims to not like it so the after show discussion should be interesting.

I love this film, what’s not to love? Pirates, adventure, giants, elegant swordsmanship, and best of all, true love. 

I remember the commercials on TV they were full of Billy Crystal who is actually not in it for very long. He was funny though along with Carol Kane as his wife. 

For weeks after seeing it I would end all my conversations with my girlfriend with “As you wish…” 

I loved Andre the Giant, I was sad when he died. Used to watch him wrestle. My dad used to let me stay up and we would guess who would win. One of the good memories for a change. 

I watch Criminal Minds occasionally and it’s hard to believe sometimes that Inigo Montoya and Jason Gideon are the same actor. His fight scenes are outstanding. 

Same thing with Buttercup, seven years later the princess was Forrest Gump’s true love.

The very best though (you know where I’m going, right?) is the kiss at the end. The pure, simple, true love amplified in the embrace of young lovers together now and forever. 

Until tomorrow…