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Slice 81 of 365

Humongous bonus points if you know what movie the title is from, and not the original movie although bonus point for that too.

One of Neil Simon’s absolute best works and one of my favorite movies is on tonight, The Goodbye Girl. It’s 31 days of Oscar on TCM and its wrapping up soon since the Academy Awards were last night.

I didn’t see this in the movies but I do remember seeing it on TV the first time it came on. Not sure how old I was, 12 maybe, but I fell head over heels for Quinn Cummings the first time I saw her.

The whole movie from beginning to end captivated me and made me laugh. All of Neil Simon’s works make me laugh but this and The Odd Couple are probably my two favorites. His story telling and dialogue writing is just genius.

The realism of the situations along with the absurdness of life just meshes together in a symphony of greatness. Marsha Mason sure lucked out being married to him.

I’m not sure I could pick out a favorite scene, there are just so many. Maybe the end, where Paula is out on the fire escape in the rain clutching Elliot’s guitar. Or Elliot’s Richard III performance. And then there are some great Lucy scenes with some fabulous writing for the 26-year-old woman stuck in the 10-year-old girl’s body.

As much as I love the ensuing hilarity it’s the roller coaster romance of Paula and Elliot that makes this movie round the bend and speed to the finish line. He, soaking wet in his phone booth almost begging her to come along makes the heart sing and gives hope to hopeful romantics worldwide.

And if you know where hopeful romantic comes from you get another bonus point.

Until tomorrow…