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Slice 80 of 365

I was in Trader Joe’s today with the girlfriend and she bought a salad with beets in it. I remarked that it made me think of my grandmother. I liked beets when I was a kid and her house was the only place I ever had them. I don’t think they’re supposed to be heated but that’s the way I liked them so that’s way she did them for me.

I got to thinking about what other triggers reminded me about people or events.

Cigars remind me of my grandfather (above grandmother’s hubby). He often had one in his lips and I used to take his cigar boxes and tubes. My coin collection, baseball cards and many of my other treasures stayed safe for many years in those.

Yelling and cigarette smoke bring my father to my memory with more intense feelings than I’d like.

Any Germanish accent makes me think of my other grandparents. My grandmother had trouble with V’s so I was always “Winnie.”

Seeing any episode of “I Love Lucy” and “Golden Girls” take my mind right to Lisa.

The “Friendstheme song makes me think of Michael. It was popular on the radio when he was little and any time it came on we had to dance. Funny that after growing up it’s actually Joey’s favorite show.

Rain in general makes me think of home, or at least what used to be home.

Ms. Pac-Man” makes me think about high school days in the Game Center with Julie and Deanna. Miss ya Jules…

Taco Doritos make me think about Cub Scout meetings at my house because every week, Karl Zenk and I would get a bag on the way to my house before the meeting.

I’m sure there are many other smells, sights, sounds and other things that will rouse my memory to the point of no return if I keep reaching back.

Maybe someday there will be a triggering event to bring back this present moment as a memory.

Until tomorrow…