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Slice 78 of 365

I don’t do lines. Unless I have no choice, such as the DMV or the doctor, but I’ll leave if the line or wait for something is too long. There isn’t a restaurant in the world with food good enough to stand in line for an hour let alone 15 minutes.

There are exceptions. I would and have stood in line for rides at Disney Land. I have stood in line for movies and probably will again. I stood in line once for a book signing (Erin Brockovich), not sure if I would do that again, guess it depends on the author.

I write this in my car while “waiting” for a person to show up and complete one of my Craigslist transactions. Another few minutes and it will not be worth the wait. (PS she was on time)

We spend so much time waiting and not just in lines.

Waiting to grow up, waiting for that movie to come out, waiting for that perfect person, waiting for the right opportunity, waiting for good fortune, waiting for retirement.

How much weight do we put into all this waiting?

I think people just assume I’m impatient (people seem to assume a lot of things about me…) which may be true sometimes but mostly the reason is because I don’t like wasted time, that’s different than being impatient.

I’m the only who gets to decide how I waste my time and trust me, I’ve wasted my share of time, I’m very experienced at that. I’ve wasted it in multiple time zones and countries, I’ve wasted it alone and in groups, I’ve wasted it single and coupled up. if there’s been time to waste, I’ve done it.

I have to ask myself though, is it really wasting time if that’s the way I want to spend my time?

Until tomorrow…