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Slice 77 of 365

Fears, everybody has them. As children we think that our fears will go away. Sometimes they do, like being afraid of the dark. Sometimes they don’t go away, especially if you’ve had a bad experience like being bitten by a dog.

Fears change over time too or develop later in life. A five-year-old boy isn’t fearful of rejection from a girl but add ten years to that age and he’s fearful for the rest of his life. Teenagers don’t really fear death but octogenarians probably do.

Child fears and adult fears have distinct differences because a lot of adult fears just don’t matter in a kid’s life.

My biggest fears when I was a kid were my father and bullies.

My biggest fears as an adult were being unemployed, being broke and having no health insurance. All of which have happened since moving to Arizona.

Turning that around has proven quite the challenge. It’s not for lack of trying but at some point it does start to take its toll on the soul.

I placed about a dozen more ads today on Craigslist and Facebook to sell things. One of them was free to get rid of a bunch of scrap wood in my shop. Since it was free it was jumped on, literally, within minutes and within the hour it was gone.

It made the space look very empty and I started to wonder if the only way to freedom is to have nothing at all.

Until tomorrow…