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Slice 75 of 365

No idea what that has to do with today’s post since I have no subject in mind and I’m just completely flying by the seat of my pants. I just liked the way the title sounded.

Maybe I’ll just write today in all cliches but I guess actions speak louder than words.

Or perhaps just gibberish. gist ps giberiberiber Orh. Done using a gibberish generator believe it or not.

What about TV titles? According to Jim I love Lucy. What’s Happening? Clarissa explains it all In living color. Boy it could take a while to make a cohesive story.

Maybe I should leave out all the vowels. Hw wld tht b?

Just using vowels seems like it’d be more confusing. I i ay ee Ha! I defy you to tell me what that is.

Code could be fun. I do that every year for the kid’s Easter egg hunt. odes siht ysa wtah?

Ok well I’m bored and out of ideas.

Until tomorrow…