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Slice 73 of 365

Books as far as the eye could see. Bibliophiles a plenty wandering around in overwhelmed fogginess wondering where to turn next.

Today I was taken to the VNSA Used Book Sale in Phoenix at the Fairgrounds. I had never been before but I heard about it last year when my boys went. We just happened to be in the Valley today while it was in progress and dropped by for a bit.

It is a used book sale benefiting human service agencies in the Phoenix area. It appears to be all volunteers and there were, literally, tons of books. The building the sale was held in looked like it was a small airplane hangar. It was free to get in but the fairgrounds charged $8.00 for parking.

It was well organized and every table was well labeled and the books were all in sections. It must have been an extremely well managed and patient person who ran, organized and got this to fruition, especially with volunteers.

There were easily thousands of books and we were there midway through the second day. No clue to what they could have already sold out of. There were books ranging from religion (one table was labeled Jesus) to humor, from childrens to suspense, from crafts to philosophy and so many more in between.

It was half-price Sunday, like all those books weren’t enough enticement they had to allow us all the opportunity to buy twice as much!

I went in with the attitude that I had too many unread books at home already and if we are possibly packing up and moving in the near future I wasn’t going to bring more into the house to pack up and move.

As we neared the doors I saw people walking in with empty suitcases, bags, boxes and rolling carts of all kinds. These people were serious about not coming out empty handed and were obviously experienced.

My above oath to myself began to wane slightly but I held onto my strength tightly.

I could smell the books before we walked inside. Upon entering I had to stop for a second, take it all in, say a small prayer to the book gods and breathe deeply to keep from hyperventilating.

We took a left and started at the far end of one side. Our plan was to go down each row on that side and then repeat the process on the other side. We were not all that interested in the choices here but some of the titles and content were fun. The lack of interesting subject matter made it easy to keep from buying anything.

Then we started getting to the more popular books, paperback, suspense, mystery and such. These were my authors, Clive Cussler, Ken Follet, Michael Crichton, Tom Clancy, Jonathan and Faye Kellerman and more.

Even at $0.75 a book I was still hesitant but my knees did buckle slightly at the sight of all those tomes lined up there waiting for their pages to be fondled and absorbed.

Mike handed me one book and asked me if I had it and I didn’t. It stayed in my hands as did the next 20 or so that I ended up picking out. He had to go back to the car to get a few canvas grocery bags I had in the back seat.

I was dizzy when we checked out and walked backed to the car wondering what exactly had happened. Obviously my body was momentarily taken over by the spirit of a librarian who has not yet gone to the other side.

I’m pretty sure I saw a hovering head with a gray bun laughing as my debit card was run.

Until tomorrow…