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Slice 72 of 365

There’s something happening today, right? The date rings a bell like Quasimodo, and the grocery store seems to have an abundance of flowers, candy and red items. The Ides of March is next month, Christmas and New Year’s have passed already. What comes in between?

Dare I say it?

Valentine’s Day.

A day loved and hated by so many people all at the same time.

A day, after a little research, that has apparently been around for quite a while and was not a Hallmark invented holiday. I must admit I was surprised by that information.

You don’t need to be coupled up today to feel love or dish it out. I gave my daughter a rose and chocolates this morning but I’m also lucky enough to have a pretty sweet girlfriend as well.

If I didn’t have her though, I admit, this can be a tough day to look at your life when you’re single and just bash the crap out of yourself asking, “What’s wrong with me?” And the answer is nothing. There is nothing wrong with you.

You’re not perfect, I’m not perfect, nobody is perfect. Stop looking for it, stop trying to be it. Love yourself first, and YES, I completely get the irony of that advice escaping my own lips, shut up and do it anyway.

Love is a fragile and elusive bitch. Just when you think it’s right there it moves. You may pin it down for a lifetime but it will be a struggle holding on to it. It’s not on TV or in the movies. No mater what they tell or show you love is not scripted like that.

I always think about Charlie Brown today. Waiting by his mailbox for the Valentine’s that never come. Never having the courage to approach the little red haired girl. That certainly represent my childhood at that age. I didn’t know the word clique then but I sure wasn’t part of one.

None of it matters though, find somebody to love today (hug your mailman), including yourself, even if it’s only for today and just ride the wave.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Until tomorrow…