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Slice 65 of 365

I have started selling some of my things. It started out because work was slow and I wanted to make sure there was cash flow. Then as work continued to be slow I wanted to start getting ready in case we had to move into a smaller place.

Now though I just look around and can’t stand all the things I have. I want to sell them all except the basic necessities (which I’m sure would widely vary among friends and family of what is a necessity) and just live simply. By the way books are a definite necessity.

So far I’ve sold my table saw, drill press, bike and a file cabinet. I also shipped my baseball cards to a high school friend’s father who turned out be a dealer. Got my first check from him yesterday. E-bay has killed that market, they’re worth far less now than 10 or 15 years ago. Oh well, I have more things to post on Craigslist as I find the energy.

I still hate the thought of packing and moving but I’m starting to relish the thought of being in a smaller, simpler place that would be easier to care for and pay for. Taking some work pressure out of the equation would really make me feel better.

As much as I hate leaving my two plus acres it’s too much for me to handle alone any more and I’m not doing any of the landscaping I always dreamed of any way.

We’re also about a 30 minute drive from almost everything but a post office and grocery store (with a Starbucks actually) and a few restaurants. Being closer to things and people will provide a comfort level that I haven’t had for ages. I can’t really decide if I miss that or not.

And if I end up with a regular job at some point it would probably be in town and living there will cut down on the commute time and cost of gas. Right now if I drive 50 miles a week it’s a lot.

Plus the college would be right there. I keep flirting with taking classes but just don’t have the energy. Being closer and less work stress might just be the ticket to correcting that situation.

I look around the shop now that several of the larger power tools are gone and I have mixed feelings. On one hand I’m sad to see them gone but on the other hand it’s kind of a relief because I haven’t been able to get out there as much as I’ve wanted to.

I had dreams of being this master craftsman at some point in my life (which is funny because when I was little I didn’t want to get dirty or work in the basement with my dad at all) and the tools and the shop in general just kept teasing me like, ha, ha, we’re here and you’re too busy, sticking out their tongues at me in derision.

I’ll keep a tool box and some smaller power tools that can be stored in a closet and get my hands dirty once in a while.

Because the shop and the tools were there I always felt this tug to get out there and this guilt when I didn’t make it. It’s basically the same feeling I have when I don’t go to the gym.

I have this “go big or go home” attitude sometimes that makes me jump in fully or shy away completely, no in between. I think I need to pare down my expectations along with with my household. Mentally, and probably physically too, I bet it helps my well being and brain become more centered and focused on what’s really important.

What’s important?

That part I’m still figuring out but I have decided that less is definitely more.

Until tomorrow…