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Slice 64 of 365

There was a short lived comedy in the late 90s on ABC called Sports Night. It was an Aaron Sorkin show on for two seasons. One of the reasons it went off the air was because Sorkin moved on to West Wing, another triumph.

I catch reruns every morning on FXX. They air two episodes a day so watching the entire series doesn’t take very long. There is some great writing going on and if you’ve seen West Wing you know what I’m talking about. Josh Melina is in it and he was also in West Wing.

During the second season an expert is brought in to help raise the show’s ratings. Sam, who is played by William H. Macy as a guest star, riles up the entire cast. He especially riles up the producer, Dana, played by Felicity Huffman, which is fun because in real life they’re married.

In the particular Episode I saw this morning, Dana has inherited a revolutionary war musket from an uncle. She is very anti gun and is completely disgusted by the thought of having it. She is a member of the anti-gun coalition.

Dana goes back to her office at some point and finds Sam examining the musket. He’s excited about it and gives her the weapon’s name “Brown Bess” and a quick history lesson.

She, of course, is appalled but not shocked that he is a gun lover. The entire crew thinks he’s evil but he really does have the show’s best interest at heart but that’s another subject.

Dana comments that she’s not surprised he’s a gun lover, he answers saying he loves that gun and proceeds to pull out out his anti-gun coalition card. That’s when he tells her, “You gotta learn to separate the stuff from the stuff.

I love that line. He loved the antique and the history of the weapon and what it stood for. It didn’t mean he loved guns.

What I like is that he has his eyes open wide, without blinders, and is seeing the whole picture. He appreciates the time and place of the event and what it was then and uses that knowledge to understand the present.

I think we all, often, need to separate our stuff from our stuff.

Until tomorrow…