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Slice 63 of 365

There is an amazing full moon out the window right now. I can see it while I’m on the couch writing. We were on our way home from a dinner and saw it rise while driving, it was huge, hanging there, just above the mountainous horizon, glowing with an orangish hue.

I have wanted to go to the moon for as long as I can remember. I remember my father waking me to see the astronauts land and walk on the moon, I wasn’t quite four yet. Maybe that’s when it started.

I just love to look at it.

I went through several phases of future careers as I grew up. Lawyer, chef, veterinarian, and millionaire were among them. Funny enough astronaut wasn’t on the list, I just wanted to go into space.

In high school I had some inkling to go into the Air Force and become a pilot but my eyes unfortunately didn’t see it that way.

Star Trek and Star Wars proved to me that I didn’t need to be an astronaut or in perfect health to fly around the cosmos. I just needed to go to Star Fleet Academy or break into smuggling. Admittedly those were and still are long shots but what the heck, right?

Space was so vast and open and I thought maybe there were no bullies out there. Space movies would prove me wrong but it was nice while it lasted. Darth Vader kind of the biggest bully around besides the emporer.

It just all looked so beautiful and mesmerizing. It was someplace where maybe I could find a place to fit in. There was so much emptiness there had to be somewhere. So many points of light, one of them had to be pointing to the right place.

But for right now I just stare out the window up at that stunning sight and hope for major space travel technology before I die.

Until tomorrow…