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Slice 61 of 365

I started with a different topic earlier today and changed tacks after thinking about it. It was too relevant too soon.

And now for something completely different.

I published a Kindle book of short stores called A Thousand Kisses back in December. It has sold some but since literally anybody can do it it’s pretty hard to get noticed.

I feel like I’ve talked about this before (I just can’t remember) but I had another idea for short stories where I would write just the endings and the reader can fill in the story for themselves. I went ahead and wrote a few but I think they were just too long, they almost felt like short stories themselves with a beginning, a middle and an end.

Today while at the gym I wrote this in my head while I was on the treadmill. I think it’s more like what I want.

She stood at his bedside staring intently at his closed eyes. “Wake up!” she said to herself. The room seemed cold but the fireplace in the corner said differently.

Letting go of her mother’s hand she took one step towards the bed. His hands were folded across his chest as if he was sleeping, as if nothing was wrong. Anna knew better though. Even at nine years old she understood what was happening.

Anna placed her hand on his, it was good to feel warmth in his skin. “Don’t die today Obie, don’t die today.” Almost like making a wish.

Her mother held back a sob, Anna looked at her and then back at Obie. His eyes fluttered and he coughed a deep, wet, troubled cough. His breathing was labored, his lungs were working overtime to provide the little oxygen his body was getting.

Obie’s eyes didn’t open. He squeezed Anna’s hand as hard as he could, she could barely feel it.

Just above a whisper he spoke between coughing fits. “I will not…” He stopped to wheeze. “Die, today…” Cough, wheeze. He sounded like a life-long smoker but he’d never touched one. “little one…”

A tear leaked from Anna’s eye. Obie slowly shook his head, she wiped it away and stood taller. Obie smiled through the pain. Anna smiled back.

Obie kept his promise and did not leave her on that day. He stayed with Anna for 47 more days. On the day he died she cried more tears than she had ever cried in her short life.

When she was done she stood, looked at the sky and screamed.

Now, as he had taught her, she would walk on.

Until tomorrow…