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Slice 60 of 365

Sixty straight days of writing. Double the 30-day Slice of LIfe exercise that I’ve done twice before on Facebook. Yay me!

305 more days to go. Funny, when I first started, 365 days sounded like an enormous undertaking but now that 2/12 (close enough for government work) of the task is down it doesn’t seem so humongous. It also seems like there could be an end in sight, which before seemed more impossible, especially marking time in smaller chunks like this.

Sure it’s still a large number and still a lot of writing ahead. Some days it still feels like a chore but I have been surprised at who’s reading and actually paying attention. I think the days I have to struggle to find a subject make me think more. Not always on days where it’s already late and I’ve frittered too much of the day away, then I just feel pressured to produce which make me think I write crap.

That makes me wonder, who am I writing for?

Well I started writing for myself and I think I still do that but at the same time I am trying to please an audience, that I don’t really know exists, so if there is one they’ll keep coming back.

The bottom line is I don’t want to suck, even if I’m having an off day, which would be many, many, many days. Even if I was only writing for myself I would want it at an upper level.

I want to say writing is writing and doing it everyday is the point but there are other points to be considered as well. Writing everyday just accomplishes a random goal I set.

It’s practice. Hopefully the more I write the better I’ll get. My writing style will become more refined and apparent and perhaps even admired if I’m lucky.

I’m probably discovering things about myself and maybe working things through in some ways. Walking a fine line there, I was admonished just recently for a post I wrote.

Maybe I’ll get discovered! OK, that one is a long shot but hey, it could happen. It’s like my lottery idea. Ya know, the fool proof one that hasn’t paid off yet.

But, if I’m not out there somewhere nobody will know. Part of me loves this thought and part of me doesn’t give a damn, I mean if I am discovered then I’d have to produce quality work for real with deadlines and all, who wants that, right?

But all kinds of performers do get discovered, so why not me too? Part of that is building a following which is a reasonable goal as well. My WordPress account says I have over a hundred followers now but I need to take that with a couple of grains of salt and pepper (my kids tell me I used too much pepper, actually that I over spice in general but that’s another story).

A lot of people who follow me are also bloggers who are hoping that by following me I will follow them. I’m sure some of them are real and actually read but there’s no way for me to obtain and rely on an actual number.

Now I can see on a daily basis, among others, how many people visit my blog and the average has been in the 20s-30s since I started this project. The best day was New Years’s Eve, over 70.

It also shows country stats, I’ve had hits in Canada (pretty sure I know who that is), England (might know that one too), Australia, Pakistan, Yemen, Puerto Rico and a few others.

That information has been kind of cool. Makes me wonder what keywords were searched or if it was just random coincidence. Also makes me wonder if they were Americans or natives of those countries.

With all that said some of it has been fun and I definitely have posts which have already become my favorites. I’ve had direct comments from people who say they enjoy reading and look forward to it everyday which makes me feel just wonderful. If I can make one person smile or giggle than I can probably make two smile and giggle and so on.

The thought that I can brighten somebody’s day with my words is really exhilarating.

Here’s to the next 305 days.

Until tomorrow…