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Slice 58 of 365

I have a 13-year-old daughter who is an estrogen-filled firecracker with puberty-fired booster rockets.

It is entirely too easy to get her goat. As her mom used to say, she needs to have a firm hold on her goat.

She doesn’t like it when I push her buttons, which just makes me want to push them even more. It’s entertaining because honestly, she seems to thrive on it but maybe that’s only me justifying my behavior.

She thinks I push her because I like it, which is partially true, it’s so much fun, but I really do it to help her examine her feelings and figure out how to handle herself for when the time comes that somebody really does push her buttons. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

I think of it like school. She, like so many other children, says that she’ll never use certain things they teach in school, such as algebra. I tell her that may be true but it’s exercising your brain and making you think in different ways that can’t be measured.

I go to the gym to exercise my body, I’ll most likely never use the exercises in any practical way but the work I do is visible and can be measured. Not so much in exercising your brain, you can’t quantifiably measure that.

I have always roughhoused with my kids. Partly because my father did it with me and it just seemed normal, and partly because it was always fun. I get in Becca’s face and I poke her and tickle her and whatever else to irritate her.

Again, she thinks it’s because I like to get under her skin, which I do, but she’s being Miyagi’d and doesn’t realize it.

Every time she swats me away her blocks get better, every time she breaks my grip she gets faster and stronger and every time I get her riled up she gets more ready to knock that first inappropriate boy (and the others that will follow) on his ass.

I know she can and will be able to take care of herself. Nobody will screw with her but just in case, for everyone’s general knowledge, anybody reading this, present or future, who might consider screwing with her, just know that if you do you’ll also be screwing with me

Now, recently I wrote a post about cursing and how I really try not to do it but sometimes it is appropriate to make a point stand out clearly.

With that said, I declare, no one fucks with my kids and if they do, they only do it once.

Until tomorrow…