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Slice 55 of 365

I feel stupid much of my waking hours these days. Many things make me feel that way, work, the news, Facebook, the past, hanging out with smart people, life in general.

There is however, one way that almost always makes me feeler dumber than a bagful of bagels.

Watching Jeopardy.

Yes good old Alex Trebek your friendly neighborhood giver of self esteem. The bestower of bafflement to the rescue to make you feel good about yourself. Thirty minutes of television designed to mess with your mind that you actually thought you had.

They tease you with what seem like easy categories but we all know the category names can be slippery slopes of misdirection.

The first round isn’t usually too bad. I can answer a decent amount of questions before the first commercial break. If I can’t I know it will be a hard show. Tonight I actually got two that none of the contestants got at all.

Double Jeopardy really makes my brain hurt. If I can get a few questions correct in that round I’m pretty happy as well as surprised.

I like when it’s teen week because I get more questions right but still not as many as I feel I should.

I’ve taken the test several times and have never heard back. Even if I did well I’m not sure I’m the right kind of perky person they would normally choose. It’s a different perky than Wheel of Fortune but still I think I’d be too one note for them.

Eh, who needs all that money and attention any way, right?

Until tomorrow…