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Slice 54 of 365

I have been watching reruns of The Middle as of late. I vaguely remember when it started several years ago and it looked like fun but I never got around to watching it. Now that I’m watching it I love the Hecks! They’re so screwed up it makes me feel so much better about my life. I’m not positive about what that says about me though.

It’s such a great cast and Patricia Heaton has been swinging for the fences with this and Everybody Loves Raymond before it. Plus she looks like she hasn’t aged a day since the pilot of ELR.

I saw an episode today where Mike was making a toast at his brother’s wedding. And he mentioned everyone dying and having a headstone that had their birth and death years (1965 – 20??) on it as is a standard norm.

Obviously the years are when you were born and when you died but the dash, the dash was your life. I’m not sure why that hit me but all I could think after he said it was that tiny little symbol representing so many varying life spans. The dash is approximately the same size on all grave markers, it doesn’t get longer if you live longer.

Also the dash is straight. Nobody’s life goes in a straight line like that. There are ups and downs, lefts and rights, and more often than we like, there is backwards.

I also thought that dash is another word for race as in 50-yard dash. Life isn’t supposed to be a race but so many people treat it that way, myself included, in the past at least, not so much any more.

It’s the digital age, I say we do away with the dash and replace the dash with a plasma display of pictures, accomplishments and commercials to pay for it. Why shouldn’t advertisers pay for death as well as life? So many of their products help put us there anyway.

Until tomorrow…