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Slice 53 of 365

Don’t miss what? I don’t mean “don’t miss it” as in you’re missing something, I mean I don’t miss it at all. Still thinking? Snow!

I’ve been through storms before like they’re having back home right now. They’re making such a big deal out it but I bet it turns out to be a tempest in a teapot. Regardless of what happens I do NOT miss snow in the least little bit.

That made me think of other things I don’t miss.

Traffic – Jersey traffic is like no where else because of the drivers. California might have traffic but they don’t have the Jersey drivers that go with it. People here sometimes complain about the traffic getting worse and all I can do is laugh. Speeding on the other hand, speeding here is a sport carried out and enjoyed by lunatics of all races, creeds, religions and ages.

Humidity – We live in a desert. It may not be your picture of a desert because we’re in the mountains, high desert, but it is desert and dry none the less. Monsoon season is during the summer and this is when people say it’s humid. Let me tell you, unless you’re sitting in the shade, barely breathing, sweating profusely when it’s only 85 degrees but 100% humidity then you know nothing about it.

People – I don’t mean all people I mean amount of people. When I go home there are more people in Newark airport than live in my whole county. My town is 64 square miles and there are less than 9,000 people.

The shore – Yes I know, as a Jerseyite, I’m obligated to bow down and pay homage to the golden sands of the Jersey shore. I don’t like the beach. My parents never took us, I don’t think I went for the first time until I was out of high school. It’s too hot and too many people.

NJ Turnpike – Arguably one of he worst roads there is in the country especially up north between Rutherford and the airport.

Malls – We have one small mall here, it’s only one level and not doing that well. It could fit into Garden State Plaza ten times over.

There are more things but this is a decent list. The list of what I miss, another post perhaps, will outnumber this one by far with things like, pizza, bagels, White Castle and family.

Have a happy blizzard fellow northeasters from your friends in the southwest.

Until tomorrow…