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Slice 52 of 365

We went to see Selma yesterday. On the way a poor women’s motorized scooter died in the middle of a crosswalk on Glassford Hill Rd. The road, at that point, is four lanes wide. Being a larger road right there it is crested in the middle. The women moved some lever under her seat that apparently disengaged the motor and she started to roll backwards towards the curb but she didn’t make it.

She started to get off the scooter to push it herself, half sitting pushing with her good foot. She wasn’t getting very far. I put the car in park, told Becca to stay put and trotted out there to help her. I got over there and told her to steer while I pushed. I broke her basket off the front while I was pushing, fortunately it snapped right back on. Those things may look little but between her and the scooter it was pretty heavy.

I got her safely back to the corner and she reengaged whatever drive she had undone so she didn’t roll away. I looked over my shoulder quickly and not one other person had gotten out to offer to help. I asked her if she was ok and if she had somebody to call. She said she was fine and she could call her sister.

I felt bad leaving her but she said it was fine and that I should get back to my car, now parked in the middle of a four lane road, with Becca sitting there. The light had turned green in the mean time so I had to stop some traffic to get back to my car and people behind me were trying to pull around even when they could see I was coming back.

I got in the car and before I had my seatbelt on all I could think was how could nobody else come offer to help? I thought that all the way to the movie theater.

Then we watched the movie. The movie about people with guts, perseverance, and strength beyond measure. About people who fought for their rights, rights they already had and had already fought for. People, heroes, soldiers really, who stood together for change, who stood together under tremendous pressure and oppression, who stood together period in an undeclared war that they didn’t start.

So where are the people who want to help? They’re out there. Sometimes they’re more obvious than others but they are out there. Small and large, black and white, men and women, humans all.

That’s what binds us, humanity. You can classify, separate, and/or label yourself any way you like but no matter what we are all human.

There are fights to be won all over the globe, large and small. You may not be a freedom fighter or an activist or anything else, for whatever reason, but for goodness sake get out of your car and help the lady on the scooter.

Until tomorrow…