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Slice 51 of 365

Gonna be plain old silly today and see what else I can think of that has slices. Slices, slice of life, get it?

I suppose first we should define what a slice is.

Merriam Webster’s definition is:

to cut something with a sharp object (such as a knife)
to cut (something) into pieces or slices
to make (something) smaller by removing part of it

It’s sounding like this could be pretty open to interpretation, I’m leaning toward the 2nd definition. So here we go.

Bread, obviously. What’s better than sliced bread?

Pizza, I could live on pizza. Would die much sooner from clogged arteries and obesity, might be worth it…

Pie, see above.

Cake, see above.

Quiche, real men eat quiche. I suppose this could be considered a kind of pie.

Lasagna, I haven’t made that for a while, baked ziti is easier and mostly the same.

Cold cuts, I always have to ask them to slice the cheese thinner here. They have it pre-sliced in the deli case at Safeway, I’m not fond of that.

Fruit and veggies, I slice my apples all the time. I love slicing pineapples. I enjoy slicing veggies for dinner, I find it soothing.

A golf ball. I don’t play golf but you can slice it and the golfer’s don’t seem happy about it.

Meat, a slice of turkey, a slice of steak.

I’m sure that’s not a comprehensive list, what else you guys out there got?

I’ll end on this one. A slice of heaven, now I don’t really believe in heaven and if it really did exist I’m not truly sure it could be sliced up but as an idiom I’ll take it.

Until tomorrow…