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Slice 49 of 365

Anybody who has been paying attention knows I’ve been looking for work since my full time gig has been so slow. Today I went on what kind of turned into an interview for a substitute teacher. Apparently the school does a monthly walk through of classrooms for prospective parents and students and that’s what I was asked to attend.

I was kind of disappointed when I found that out when I got there. It seemed like a huge waste of time but I spoke with one of the interim directors afterwards and that’s when it turned into more of an interview.

Apparently all I need is a fingerprint card, no degree, no teacher’s certification. It’s a charter school so I don’t know if that’s the reason or if it’s an AZ thing. Among the things she told me was they pay $75.00 a day which translates to about ten bucks an hour.

More than minimum wage but not great, especially for my age or pay range that I have been in. Made me think about my first job, Marsala Hardware. I made minimum wage, $3.65 an hour, I think I brought home about $100.00 a week. About a year in I asked for $0.25 raise, a whole ten dollars a week.

I went to a dry cleaner next for $4.00 an hour and then on to an EMT $5.00 and eventually $5.50. Next I went to a bank and we started talking salary instead of hourly. All of a sudden I was up to $15,000. That seemed like a fortune until I moved out of my parents house. Then I proceeded to get two part-time jobs.

A few years later, still in banking, I was promoted to Assistant Manager of the main office. They offered me $18,000, I asked for $18,500 and they said no.

From there I moved on to Bookkeeping where I got my single biggest raise ever after two years I think, $5,000 a year. I couldn’t believe it. It didn’t take affect until January 1st but I got told early for a Christmas gift plus I was in charge of payroll.

Somehow after that I just kept moving up and up and even moving here to rural nothingness I managed to find a living wage. Of course living wage is highly debatable.

Ten dollars an hour when I was just starting to work would have been a dream come true. Now it’s an adventure to just think about surviving on it.

Until tomorrow…