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Slice 48 of 365

My Christmas tree is still standing. Yep three weeks into January and St. Nick is still in residence. Everybody loves decorating but nobody wants to take it down. That’s not even totally true.

Mike wasn’t here to decorate. I think he hung a few things when he got home. Joey wasn’t here to decorate either but he was home earlier and may have hung a few things as well. Becca used to like decorating more, she helped but I think, I know, I did almost all of it.

The boys got the decorations down from the attic while they were here for Thanksgiving, which seems like eons ago already, because Becca and I can’t do it. Too many boxes and just too awkward to get them down the narrow dropdown stairs.

When they were little they couldn’t wait to decorate but nothing has changed on taking it down, it’s up to me. Most of the household decorations are down and sitting on the dinning room table not yet stored back in their rubbermaid homes. About 80% of the ornaments are off the tree. Taking the lights down is probably the worst part.

It’s coming down a little at a time. I still like to put the ornaments back in their original packing if I have it.

I unplugged the lights on January 2nd as that’s my official day for the end of the season. As soon as the tree is dark I like to see it cleaned up as soon as possible but that just isn’t happening this year at this point.

It may turn into a Valentine’s Day tree.

Until tomorrow…