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Slice 47 of 365

No work again today and again I spent the entire day applying for jobs where ever I could find them. Looking for work is more exhausting then actually working and I’m not getting anything from it.

It was more time and effort to apply at Walmart than it was to apply for a city job with Prescott Valley.

I’ve taken a dozen assessments in the last week with all kinds of questions about personality, security, basic math among other things. For all the tests I’ve taken I’d like to know how some people have still managed to get jobs at places like Walmart and Sears.

Taking the assessments wasn’t exactly rocket science but the testing requirements are not accurately reflected in the employee stock based on my experience. Is it possible the pool is just that shallow? There are plenty of people looking for jobs but either the more qualified ones aren’t applying or the stores don’t want overqualified applicants jumping ship when something better finally comes up. That’s probably my problem.

At this point though I’m really sick of having a job with such instability and then pressure when there are actual projects. I’d rather have a lower paying job with no worries and move into a smaller place and give up everything I don’t really need. The lack of stress would be well worth the sacrifices.

It’s too bad I’m just learning that now. Too many years wasted with so many unimportant things and even now I feel awakened by necessity giving up things that feel natural and comfortable is a scary proposition.

I’ve been thinking I may have to give up the cable. It shouldn’t be a big deal but TV has been such a large part of my life for the past 45+ years that not having it would be akin to sacrificing my best friend to feed my kids. A new normal would have have to emerge and going cold turkey will be very harsh. At least there would be Netflix, like that’s my biggest problem…

I order my contact lenses in three month supplies, that would be another thing to give up. It’s not a huge big deal just a minor inconvenience if I could even call it that. I’m just used to the contacts is all.

The prospect of being in a smaller place with a less stressful job is almost comforting. It’s the route to get there that’s overwhelming.

This is where a movie would be fabulous. There would be a fade on me sending out resumes and calling realtors and the next scene would be me unpacking my last box at the new place and reviewing my offer letter for my new job starting the following week. Oh and the new hot single neighbor who lives next door.

Until tomorrow…