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Slice 46 of 365

Dear 5-year-old me
Turn off the TV
Go out, run and scrape your knee
Breathe in the air and climb that tree

Dear 8-year-old me
Stand tall to that bullies stare
Remember that life is not fair
But there are those that care

Dear 13-year-old me
Ask her about her day
It doesn’t matter the games she’ll play
Don’t worry you didn’t like her anyway

Dear 16-year-old me
Study harder, practice more
Ignore your father’s roar
You are far greater than poor

Dear 20-year-old me
Change your tack, go to school
The world can be lonely and cruel
Take heed, lest you be a fool

Dear 29-year-old me
Two offspring in tow
Plans made, all tied in a bow
Too many things you don’t know

Dear 34-year-old me
Take time in your new role
The loss has left a hole
A part gone from your soul

Dear 41-year-old me
Time has told the tale
Life blew through like a gale
Don’t ever think it was a fail

Dear 46-year-old me
It wasn’t that long ago
You were caught in that rough ocean flow
Underwater, drowning below

Dear me
It’s all past, don’t you see?
Promises made and kept, mostly
You did what you could, let it be

Until tomorrow…