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Slice 44 of 365

I spent a good portion of the day today with a five-year old and two under twos. I wasn’t alone, both moms and a dad were present along with Becca and then later a few other adults.

So I got to play with all the kids, didn’t have to take care of them or take them home, except mine and she’s pretty self sufficient. I can see the allure of being a grandparent. Talk about no responsibility with all the great bennies.

You get to have fun and giggle and run and play. No thinking about changing diapers, or trying to get them to sleep later. No meltdowns to deal with, no thinking about college costs, or driving lessons or puberty.

It can be hard on my knees and back but other than that I see no downfalls.

It was great. One of the little ones, Emma, I see several times a month and the other two I just met today. Emma recognizes me these days and calls me “innie” She completely melts my heart every time she says it. When we left this evening she said, “bye innie.”

Can’t have a much better day than that.

Until tomorrow…