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Slice 42 of 365

I’ve been meaning to put some things on Craigslist and Facebook to sell. I wanted to start get ridding of things to pare down what I have and what I really don’t need and for the cash as backup.

I finally got around to it today. I had some things in mind already that were definitely going. An exercise machine, kind of Bo Flex like, that doesn’t get used because I go to the gym. A mini fridge that was only used for one semester at ASU. A file cabinet that I think was bought new and never used and a vacuum cleaner that I think needs a new belt.

After I took the pictures I started looking around the house and realized how much crap I have that just is not necessary, not even a little bit. Things I have two and three of that have just accumulated and multiplied over the years. Too bad money wasn’t one of them. Weight was one of them but I sold that off already.

Before I go nuts posting things I’ll just wait and see how the current items sell, if they do at all. I imagine too many people, especially around my area, are also selling things off and the market is saturated with second hand goods.

Several people on Facebook obviously can’t read as they have asked the price of the fridge (the price is posted) more than once and then again after I posted the price in the comments. Not hopeful…

I enjoy looking at the antiques section on Craigslist and I see the same things over and over because they just aren’t selling. Nobody has disposable income for extra items. Plus these people ask outrageous prices for their “antiques”, it’s like they do no research at all or most likely they are hoping to snag people who have done no research.

I’ve vowed to myself not to buy anything any more that I don’t “need”. Some things tempt me, especially technology, but antiques are really my soft spot. I tell myself that buying antiques is “saving” history and preserving it but who am I kidding, that’s just a huge justification to purchase things I like.

Saving history is important but saving the future seems more important.

Until tomorrow…