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Slice 39 of 365

You left us last night. I was afraid you might at some point but was hopeful that you would be strong enough to march on.

I’ve thanked you in person before but right now all I can think to do is to thank you again for everyone to see.

You were a shining light in Becca’s life. Your smile always a beacon and you’re life-loving attitude always an inspiration. I hope you knew the good you did for Becca and for myself as well.

It was obvious to all how much you loved Becca and your time together was precious in ways that few can describe.

She enjoyed her time with you and will always remember you fondly.

I will remember you too, in every grandmother I see baking with her granddaughter, in every aunt I see shopping with her niece and in every big sister I see guiding her little.

Sleep well dear Linda, sleep well…

Until tomorrow…