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Slice 38 of 365

Another blank day. I’m not sure that’s entirely true, my mind is by far not blank. Let’s better describe it as another unfocused day. Too many thoughts, dreams, nightmares and ping-pong balls bouncing off the rubber walls of my mind.

So I’ve decided to just write about my day and leave blanks like in Mad Libs where you all can fill them in.

I was up at 7:20 this A.M. to drop Becca at ____________ (place) and pick up my Bountiful Basket. I got out of bed and ____________ (verb) and then _____________ (verb).

We got coffee first at _____________ (place) before dropping Becca off. Then _____________ (name of person) and I went up to Paulden to get our produce. It has seemed smaller lately but there were some nice things including ____________ (noun), ______________ (noun), and _______________ (noun), among others.

I think I’ll chop the potatoes, peppers and zucchinis and sauté them with _______________ (noun). I’m always afraid I won’t be able to use it fast enough before it all goes ______________ (adjective).

After getting back we divided up the food and _______________ (verb). I ______________ (verb) for a few hours and quit just after noon.

Sitting on the couch pondering writing and ____________ (verb) for a while, just being ____________ (adjective).

Going to a Freethinker’s potluck tonight and was going to make _____________ (noun), but I got lazy and am just going to pick up ____________ (noun) and __________ (noun).

I won’t drink too much, otherwise I may not be able to ___________ (verb).

All in all it’s been a pretty ______________ (adjective) day, and I think it will be a(n) _____________ (adjective) night as well.

Until _____________ (day or time)…