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Slice 37 of 365

Sometimes Haikus pop into my head. As I understand them they are simple poems with three lines of five, seven and five syllables. That’s taking it down to its very basic form.

I wrote a couple below without a whole lot of thought. I was more concerned with getting the syllable count correct. As I reread them they all seem to have a clear enough theme, to me at least but I knew that in my head already, but does the reader know that? Does the reader care?

Compared to what I read before I started writing, mine seem to be a bit disjointed. However I wrote them just to write them. There was no inspiration or passion about them.

If I didn’t say that out loud would you have known?

Poetry is very expressive and over the years I’ve written my fare share of sentimental crap but once in a while I hit a decent 400 yard homer right over center field. Poetry is like art, a lot of people don’t know it but they know what they like.

So below are my offerings, comment back with one.

Thank god it’s Friday
Weekend plans are in the works
Monday comes too soon

Sleep in until lunch
Napping in the afternoon
Stay up all night long

Running kids all over
Date night dinner and movie
Romance, candlelight

Clean sheets laundry done
Dinner prepared and cooking
Relax, glass of wine

Cooking all day long
For guests attending party
Welcome company

Done writing today
Girlfriend on her way over
Until tomorrow…