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Slice 36 of 366

Approximately half way through this posting I will be ten percent complete with my self imposed task of slicing everyday for a year (36.5 x 10 = 365). I won’t know where that percentage point is until I finish writing of course.

That seems so small considering that a passing grade is usually 65%. I plan on passing with an A+ so I’m not too worried.

Percentages are funny things, I guess like any other number it depends on how you look at it.

A 10% off clothes sale isn’t very much (I won’t even look unless it’s at least 50% off) but a one in ten chance of dying of some disease is a big deal.

10% off a test is cutting it pretty close for that perfect A student but 10% off that 79 cent jumbo soda is what you get for all that sugar.

A 10% weight loss can be pretty significant (Yes it can baby!) while 10% hearing loss may not seem like so much, I may be over that figure.

Think about it this way, a seven- to eight-year-old child has lived about ten percent of their lives by that age.

How’s that for mind bending?

Until tomorrow…