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Slice 35 of 365

I’m from Jersey. For people from Jersey that’s enough, they get it. For all you outsiders it means I know how to curse like a pro and sarcasm runs through my entire being like the force. Sarcasm is mightier than the light saber.

My middle son curses like he grew up in Jersey or perhaps he’s related to George Carlin. Must just be in the blood. He told me recently he’s trying to give it up for the new year. I don’t see him as much as I would like but so far I think I’ve noticed a difference.

I’ve been here in Arizona for over 11 years now and have curbed my foul language to almost nothing. I stared doing it because we moved to a small town and I thought it would be looked down on. That was a gross misconception. I hear just as much colorful language here as I did back home. That was very surprising to me. I thought it was going to be a very homey kind of place.

I still try not to use bad language now for my daughter’s sake although she pushes me to the brink at times and the words fly anyway. I’m sure she hears it all day long at school.

I never did that when I was kid, I was a goody goody. I started saying damn and hell in high school and I asked my mother if she minded.

I mostly try not to curse because it’s just too easy. There are so many words in the world, always reaching for the simple cuss word seems lazy and unnecessary. The vocabulary is there, I want to use more of it.

There is no question that a well placed expletive is sometimes the only proper way to get a point across. Some people just don’t hear you unless you have the right string of key words hurled in their direction.

I like oddball phrases as well. I’ve been known to use poppycock, pish-posh and balderdash in normal conversation.

I’d like to hear better language all around, I think it makes for a more civil society. Maybe we would hear each other better.

But if somebody pushes me in the right direction it would be all too easy to slip right back into a Tony Soprano vocabulary spree.

Until tomorrow…