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Slice 33 of 365

Everybody has their own perspective on what poor means. I say this sitting at Galpin Ford having my taillights fixed. I got pulled over last night on the way home from the airport for running dark.

This morning, with no work again, I looked through the manual, googled the problem and watched a youtube video on how to change the bulbs. While doing all that I also read about other people having taillight issues that were unrelated to bulb replacement and that made me anxious.

I went out to try my new found knowledge of how to get to my taillight bulbs and couldn’t even get the cover off. It looked slightly different than the video and then I thought well even if I do get it off I don’t know which of the three bulbs it is and there isn’t anybody here to turn on the blinker or step on the brakes for me to figure it out.

So, here I sit at the dealership on another day that I’m not doing any earning. Spending money I don’t have, the American way, right?

Am I poor? That all depends on who you ask and how you look at.

I don’t think I’m poor. I don’t think I’m in great shape and if I did completely lose my job it wouldn’t take long to go down hill. However I’m not poor. It isn’t good timing but I can afford to have this fixed (turned out to be less than $40.00).

How many people couldn’t get it fixed and then might rack up tickets they couldn’t pay? Or worse it’s a mechanical issue they can’t afford to have fixed and then they miss work, get fired, lose their home and all of a sudden they’re homeless, maybe with kids involved.

I can make changes to save money and already have done some and will probably take more action. Too many people though don’t even have those options. They’re already at the bottom of their barrel and there is no where else to save. You can’t pull yourself up by your bootstraps if you don’t have any boots.

So what does poor mean? Too many of us live above our means and don’t think about the future so that leaves all kinds of answers.

What do you think? Here’s some prompts:

You might be poor if…

…you can’t afford to go to Disney Word.
…you can’t afford to go away for the weekend.
…you can’t afford college.
…you can’t pay your rent.
…you can’t afford the monster wedding for you and 200 of your closest friends.
…you can’t afford the wedding license.
…your kids are eating only two meals a day and one is free lunch at school.
…you can’t afford gas to get to work.
…you can’t afford decent clothes for job interviews.
…you can’t afford that 2nd pair of Jimmy Choo’s.

And of course I’m talking money poor. You can be rich in tons of non-monetary ways, a topic for another day perhaps.

I think maybe we’re all just a little poor in having too much.

Until tomorrow…