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Slice 31 of 365

I have a friend who I just learned has never had eggplant. Now when I say eggplant I mean eggplant parm, to me that’s just understood and normal. How else would you have eggplant? So it turns out she’s had eggplant before just not the normal way. Kind of like when you ask for tea down south and don’t get hot tea. Mayo on roast beef is not normal but mayo on pastrami is just the worst possible sin there could be. Or worst of all when people think it’s ok to put pineapple on pizza! That is sooooooooooo not normal.

I have never felt normal. Not ever, not with anybody or any group. I’ve felt more accepted in some places (high school band, ACT II, Radburn, Free Thinkers) and with some people but never normal.

The things I see as normal and think are common knowledge nobody else seems to see. It’s like I look at the world through an entirely different lens that see things that nobody else does.

I saw an episode of Criminal Minds that gave me pause. There was a killer, mentally disturbed based on our version of normal, who explained that he didn’t understand how people could walk down the street NOT wanting to bash in some guys head for getting in his way. That was his normal.

I get there is no normal but there are definitely more accepted, ideas, activities, etc. I’ve been 180 degrees out of synch, as my high school physics teacher, Phil Goodyear would say, since I was born. He passed away in 1997, I remember being so surprised by the news. He was a nice man who had the knack for making me feel normal. So did Mr. Zajac, the band director.

When you’re a kid all you want to be is normal and accepted. Actually you kind of want the same thing when you’re an adult too but it doesn’t always work out that way. People think I have odd ideas or views of the world. People often look at me like I have three heads after I’ve expressed an opinion or idea.

At my last job in Jersey I would go around blowing bubbles over people’s cube walls to break up the day. Sometimes I would just take a can of silly string, sneak up to an office door and shoot it in and run away. People would shake their heads at me.

I think I was born in the wrong time and place. I’m not sure where the right time and place was or should have been or if it even exists. I’m pretty sure though for right now I am in the wrong universe.

Until tomorrow…