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Slice 30 of 365

Thirty days sounds like a sentence handed down from an old judge in a western for saloon brawling. It approximately equals a month. It’s about the time it takes for a full moon cycle and it’s about the time in between everybody’s bill payments.

Oh yeah and it’s how long I’ve been doing this project so far.

The first time I did the slices for 30 days it was not a great time and some days my post would be, “There I wrote,” and 30 days seemed like it would never end. Part of that was the time of my life, it seemed like nothing would ever end.

The last time I did the 30 day slices was recently, less than a year ago I think. I did much better on topics and opened up, probably too much. The days didn’t seem to last as long and it wasn’t as hard to write in general.

This first egg, (Get it? Instead of leg, because there are 12 eggs in a dozen and 12 months in a year. HAHAHAHA I crack myself up.) has been interesting. I considered how much I’d have to do before I challenged myself. How many days there might not really be time and what consisted of writing and a good blog post but I decided to do it anyway.

I also considered who might be reading it. I vowed to write with abandon but that has proved much harder than I would have thought. I suppose that was the biggest thing I should have thought about. I’ve been adjusting my topics as to not offend anyone or cause hurt feelings. I stopped writing once because of someone’s reaction and I won’t do it again.

This first 30 days has lead to some good stuff and some sucky stuff. I’ll be curious this December to go back and read some of the older things and see how it looks and feels. Since this is the third time I’ve done this now it didn’t seem too tough.

Some days it feels like a chore and some days it seems natural. The next 11 months will be brand new territory and that may feel never ending, we’ll see.

I think I’ve already come to a realization but I’ll wait the whole year to see if I’m write.

Until tomorrow…